About Danita

Danita Smith has loved beautiful photographs, both old and new, from a very early age. She has boxes and boxes of photos and negatives to prove it! While working in real estate in the mid-2000s, Danita noted with sadness the poor quality of house photos on the Internet. She bought a good quality camera and began shooting her own listings and those of a few associates. That experience led Danita to expand her photographic interests to nature, landscapes, and architecture.

Danita’s style does not rely on technique so much as on her eye for color and detail. Danita does not make heavy use of a tripod, as she feels this limits the spontaneous nature of her work. This gives her best work the sort of warmth that much of today’s high mega-pixel digital photos lack.

Danita’s photo, “Reflections,” was featured in the City of Mason, Ohio 2009 calendar. Danita is based in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area.

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